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Consulting Service

Northeast Asia Business Consulting

We could leverage our knowledge of the Japanese and Korean markets to help companies navigate the complexities of doing business across cultures.
This could include providing training and resources to employees working with clients or partners in those markets and consulting with companies on adapting their marketing, communication, and business strategies to reach those audiences effectively.

Import & Export Service

We can start a business specializing in importing and exporting goods and services between Japan, Korea, China, and other countries, and service customers to identify potential trading partners, negotiate contracts, and handle logistics and delivery.

Reaching a Deal
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Translation and interpretation services

We could provide translation and interpretation services to companies and individuals who need to communicate with Japanese or Korean-speaking clients or partners.

This could include translating documents, interpreting during meetings or negotiations, and providing cultural context to help bridge communication gaps.

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Market research

Our experience connecting clients in these markets has likely given you a deep understanding of the consumer landscape in Japan and Korea. We could leverage this expertise to provide market research services to companies looking to expand customers' reach into those markets. This could include conducting surveys, analyzing data, and providing insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

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